A real craftman work

A real craftman work

Globalization and speed of today's society makes difficult to appreciate the time and the value of the things that we have in our hands. We can not imagine the dedication that supposes that finish, this type of hack, this subtle detail almost imperceptibly. We believe that, being in the digital and robotic age everything is done with no human intervention.

Leather is a delicate noble material, which must be treated with a lot of wisdom, by expert hands and requires a process that to this day remains practically craft. From the edge to the final quality control, through the assembly and sewn, every piece is made by craftsmen who know how leather performs, how to treat it, and above all, they know that each Torras must be perfect.

Our customers know that a piece Torras is not a piece of the season, is a piece for good.

Torras can combine leather and knit

Process prior to stitching

Details that could seem insignificant, but they are not

Only a professional is able to appreciate and control the final result

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