How to take care of your Torras leather garment

How to take care of your Torras leather garment

Today we give you some recommendations on how to care for your Torras leather or suede jackets.

To enjoy your garment is important to have a good maintenance of it. As a natural product, leather and suede have some specific properties. They look luxurious and become more supple if you use it habitually, adapting to the shape of the wearer.

Lambnapa is esier to take care than suede. Dust can be removed using a suede brush or adhesive tape which does not leave traces of glue behind. The dust particles stick to the tape.

A leather or suede coat is not a raincoat. If the jacket gets wet accidentally, dry it at room temperature, never above or near a radiator or in the sun. You could try to brush the stains on a suede garment with a suede brush or by gently using a suede block; rub leather garment together or grease the leather with clear shoe polish.

To store the jacket, use a cloth cover rather than a plastic garment bag, as it is a natural product, needs to breathe.

Have your garment cleaned by recognised dry cleaner. Manufacturer is not responsible for the dry-cleaning of its products by third parties.


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