This time we make it easy for you, we propose you an organized route where you will discover the island of fire and ice.

The starting point is the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, then the tour will bring you to the south coast, where you will enjoy the immense northern skies, waterfalls, geysers and glaciers offered by the island, and finishes in the small coastal town of Höfn. 

Reykjavik is a cosmopolitan city, that is home to two-thirds of the country's population and concentrates its political, cultural and economic activity. It is reputed to be one of the cities most hot in Europe, thanks to its vibrant musical life and nightlife at any time of year, but especially during nights of summer when sun becomes an special guest. 

Located about fourty minutes drive from Reykjavík, we can visit the place where the American and European tectonic plates meet, in the plain of Thingvellir. 

Halfway between Thingvellir National Park and Gullfoss waterfalls, stand up the famous geysers that eject water accompanied by steam at regular intervals from the bowels of the Earth. 

Gullfoss is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular waterfalls in Iceland and can be found just 10 kilometers from Thingvellir. Its name means "golden waterfall", alluding to the phenomenon of refraction produced by sunlight passing through the mist that rises when the glacier river plunges over the edge of a fault. 

In Dyrhólaey, at the southern end of Iceland, can be seen some of the most representative birds of the island. Following the route, we find Vik, a seaside village with black sand beaches, where you can buy a woolen piece by the artisan women at the cooperative, who knit sweaters, make blankets and accessories with traditional designs.  

At one end of Hornafjördur fjord with privileged views of Vatnajökull glacier, emerges Höfn village. Despite its small population, about 1.700 people, it's one of the main centrers of the fishing industry and its derived products in eastern Iceland. Known for the excellent quality of its crawfish, people hold a party dedicated to this crustacean at the end of June, the whole enlivened with concerts, street markets and a programme of popular activities. 

In less than a week you can get a bit of the essence of Iceland, its nature, its culture, its landscape and its way of living, in a beautiful but nonetheless tough place. 

Remember , travel rejuvenates , transformed and improved. Never fail to do so.

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