Traveling makes us better, transforms us, it makes us open our eyes to new realities. And when this happens, we are able to see life differently, make decisions that before could be difficult to make. It allows us to be brave, adventurous, masters of our own destiny. So in Torras we believe that to travel around the world is an essential ingredient for traveling through life.

This week we propose Costa Rica, a spectacular destination. A corner where you can imagine what life was like before a human set foot on Earth. You can feel a bit like Adam and Eve.

Costa Rica is a pioneer in sustainable tourism, hence to say that’s the perfect place to enjoy nature without added ingredients. If we add a pleasant climate during almost every day of the year, we find a spectacular destination anytime. Hotels, resorts and rural accomodation tend to be totally sustainable. This is a country knowing their main asset and work every day to maintain what nature has provided.

Its inhabitants are said to be nice, kind and predisposed to help those who visit their homes. Tour guides can accompany you to the remotest places, show you the most exotic animals, explain little secrets on how to see sea turtles lay eggs (from a distance, of course) or find an unforgettable place to spend your last night in the Country.

If you’re also looking for a little adventure, Costa Rica offers active tourism, hiking to volcanoes, climbing, jungle treks through suspension bridges, Tarzan ropes, rafting ... With security being exhausted enough to sleep all night soundly.

The degree of disconnection is such that the hardest part of the trip will be coming back to reality.

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