A Brand with history. A legacy that lives on.

TORRAS, founded in 1951, created an innovative concept of fashion in leather and knitting aimed at men and women who love exclusive elegance. TORRAS designs for people who want to enhance their personality and seduce with their own style, beyond the traditional garments.

Many of us remember Torras because our father or grandfather had a leather jacket or a knitted sweater, which he had a lot of affection for. They are garments full of memories that to this day are still alive in them for their long life. That is why, when we hear the word Torras, our unconscious refers to happy moments and unforgettable memories come to us.

The good work, the quality of the materials and the exclusivity of the designs, have turned Torras into a living history of fashion and a benchmark of luxury clothing. Torras in one of the few fashion houses that can boast of having survived two centuries of history, bringing the brand closer to a new customer, younger and sensitive to fashion trends, without giving up regular customers. Torras is not a traditional house, but with tradition.

Our Mission and Vision: To achieve unforgettable garments and make a place for ourselves in the hearts of our customers. It is our motivation to continue working day after day designing and manufacturing incomparable garments focused on the satisfaction of our customers, through better quality and applying the latest technology. Exclusive fabrics, unique cuts, perfectly delineated silhouettes and originality in the details are the ingredients of Torras’ recipe.

Torras DNA: Denomination of origin Barcelona, Quality, Authenticity, Guarantee of Exclusivity, Originality in Design, Artisans of Leather and Knitting, Mastery of Technique, Responsibility with the Environment, Excellence and Luxury.

Currently, Torras continues with its values that prevail over time: the quality of the materials with which it works, leathers of the best quality with responsible management, as well as respect for the environment and the social-economic environment. Torras only uses skins from the use of the food industry. We are aware of the importance of sustainable development and respect for nature.

TORRAS Timeline


Torras 51

The knit, the essence of production in the first decades of Torras’ life. Industrialization, migratory movements and economic progress favored the demand for this type of products. Sweaters that conformed to the fashion marked by other countries, a mirror in which Spain began to reflect. A brand with history, a legacy that is still present.

logos 60s


The fantastic 60s! The commercial mentality of expansion, together with the quality and rigor in the design and production of the garments, were the key to the success of Torras. As well as the incorporation of new tricotosas of jacquards, which allowed to work with different colors, reliefs, openwork and fantasies in the design. As well as the incorporation of new materials first of Torras in the manufacture of combined garments.


Logo 70s

Torras consolidates itself in the Spanish market and internationally thanks to its differentiation with its leather and knitwear, a pillar for export. Attendance at fairs such as Japan, the United States, etc… gave visibility to the brand, which made the leap to the American continent.

Logo 80s


It was then that all leather garments were incorporated into the collection. There was no man or woman who didn’t want to have a leather jacket, skirt or trousers. It was the Golden Age that marked a before and after in the historical evolution of the brand, always maintaining quality and elegance.


logo 90s

New technologies have become the infrastructure of culture. In the early 90s, Torras made the leather cardigan fashionable with small jacquards or knitted applications. It was then that Torras took the opportunity to penetrate the Asian market where there was a euphoria for Spanish luxury products. Torras positioned himself in luxury department stores with corners in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China, as well as in Russia, and the US.

torras-logotipo 00


Beginning of the century in full boom of the internet, a globalization without borders and a very cosmopolitan multicultural fashion. Torras, continues to position itself with its iconic garments but adapted to this new century, with more functional and technical fabrics. The designs transcend year after year in the dozens of fairs and events where he attends on the front line giving visibility to the brand. More and more fashion and luxury make a perfect binomial for those who value good dress, not only with the brand, but with the design and qualities of the garments.


LogoTorras 10

The Torras collections are aimed at contemporary men and women with an original and imaginative style and special sensitivity for quality. Torras designs the pieces individually to ensure not only a perfect fitting, but the achievement of essential values for the brand such as quality and comfort. During this decade, Torras incorporates garments to obtain a total look and a global brand concept, always looking for new ideas without forgetting everything that has marked its history.



The years of pandemic have served to make a RESET & RELOADED of TORRAS brand, both in men and women. Garments of the highest quality and an exclusive design, make Torras reemerge as one of the leading brands in the market faithful to its dna: Leather and knitwear and leather garments. Currently Torras is located in the important boutiques of the big capitals and a showroom in Milan to show the collections of the seasons to customers. Torras, garments that excite you and live with unforgettable experiences.